Maple Garlic Dip

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This funky product was initially intended to have its savoury contents blended with cream cheese to create an incredible dip to serve with veggies, fruit, or even to spread on a bagel.

Now, the ideas seem never-ending for this product! It’s become an amazing marinade – especially on game meat such as deer, moose, elk and duck for a truly Canadian inspired meal. Very popular for those who have a Smoker's. When mixed equally with your favourite vinegar, it becomes a light salad dressing. Mixed with equal amounts of your favourite mustard, it becomes a glaze for ham, pork or back bacon.

Mix 125 ml of dip mix with 8 oz of cream cheese in a food processor. Mix and serve with crackers, veggies or fruit.

Pour over halved squash or slices of sweet potatoes or yams and bake. Yummy!